About Linda

I’m an engineer, a parent, and a former non-profit board member. Over the last decade, I have been committed to advocating for a healthier environment, getting more resources for our local public schools to build stronger communities, and bringing people in our community together to work towards a better future. 

I first got involved in community activism in Sunnyvale when my son, Harrison’s school district experienced deep cuts to their education funding – the proposed solution was to hand 107 teachers a pink slip. This sudden change could have increased class size and lost many highly qualified teachers. I worked 24/7 with other parents, the school district, foundations, community members, and local businesses to raise $2.5 million in 8 weeks to make sure our community would not suddenly need to deal with these drastic changes. This experience deeply inspired me to stay active in the community. Since then, I have:

  • Organized community members to advocate for more coordinated public oversight of the Lehigh Cement Plant for a cleaner environment. Twelve years in the making, the County Supervisors are now closer than ever to closing the cement plant, restoring the property for a community-focused use, and protecting the health of our community.
  • Co-founded a non-profit that has empowered 100’s of local students to engage and lead on climate action, working with local, county, and state partners to pass ambitious policies, conduct extensive educational outreach, build community, and become lifelong environmental stewards

  • Twice received the School District Teachers Association Annual Community Award - 2010 and 2012 Community Leader Award.

  • Helped to raise millions more for our local public schools to maintain excellent instructional programs and keep our neighborhoods desirable. 

As your City Council Representative, I will deliver results that’ll create a greener economy, maintain our public safety, work with our schools, and protect Sunnyvale’s quality of life for us and the next generation. This includes finding ways for people of more diverse income to live and thrive in Sunnyvale. Having the resources to care for our community and retaining programs that makes Sunnyvale a nice place to live.   I will also prioritize polices that at a city and regional level help us to have a sustainable planet and environment for the next generation to live.  I’ll ask other stakeholders in our community to join with Sunnyvale to invest resources to address traffic, housing, and our environment.

My experience as a community activist, the Vice-Chair of Sunnyvale Housing and Human Service Commission, and a former member of the Budget Advisory Committee for our local public school district have prepared and helped me realize that I can and should do a lot more for our community. I need to step up and utilize my experience to represent our community.


Linda Sell weekly office hours

I will hold weekly office hours in Sunnyvale District 1 at a cafe (outdoors as weather permits) on Tuesday Mornings starting at 9am. Please contact me at email address [email protected] to schedule a time to meet with me on Tuesday morning after 9am.  

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